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Calorie burn, six pack and glute focused routines

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Mini Challenges

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Make Your Fitness Sustainable, Here's How:

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Start with 10 minutes, if you want more, add on multiple videos.

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Our certified team of expert instructors developed routines with you in mind. We activate multiple muscle groups at the same time to get the most efficient quick workout.

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Use your bodyweight, dumbbells & resistance bands in mainly low impact routines.

Higher intensity videos are also available.

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Your daily go-to quick fitness pick-me-up.

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100+ Training Videos, More Added Quarterly

All videos are approximately 10 minutes in length.

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Some Of Our Programs

+ New Videos Every Quarter!

  • 7 Day Beginner Package

  • 7 Day Intermediate Package

  • 3 Week Habit: Full Body Challenge

  • 3 Week Habit: Arm Focus Challenge

  • 3 Week Habit: Core Focus Challenge

  • 3 Week Habit: Leg & Butt Focus Challenge

  • 3 Week Habit: Full Body - Fitness at Any Age Focus Challenge

  • Build on Your 10 Minute Category

  • Yoga

  • Shadow Boxing

  • Bodyweight Exercises

  • HIIT-Pilates - Problem Spot Areas - ABs, Butt, Thighs

  • Dumbbell/Weight Training

  • Lengthen & Strengthen

  • Tube Resistance Bands


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